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Dr. Gabe Edgar

Superintendent (816) 671-4000 (W) gabe.edgar@sjsd.k1..

Dr. Ashly McGinnis

Assistant Superintendent Academics (816) 671-4000 (W) ashlymcginnis@sjsd..

Dr. Brian Kraus

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources (816) 671-4000 (W) brian.kraus@sjsd.k..

Dr. Robert Sigrist

Assistant Superintendent Business/Operations (816) 671-4000 (W) robert.sigrist@sjs..

Shannon Nolte

Director of Non-Academics and Student Services (816) 671-4000 (W) shannonnolte@sjsd...

Lara Gilpin

Director of Secondary Education (816) 671-4000 (W) laragilpin@sjsd.k1..

Dr. Kendra Lau

Director of School Improvement (816) 671-4000 (W) kendra.lau@sjsd.k1..

Eileen Houston-Stewart

Director of Communications (816) 671-4000 (W) eileen.houstonstew..

Mickey Gill

Director of Operations/Maintenance (816) 671-4260 (W) mickeygill@sjsd.k1..

Dr. Lacey Adams

Director Elementary Education (816) 671-4000 (W) laceyadams@sjsd.k1..

Kara Anderson

Asst Director Special Programs karaanderson@sjsd...

Dlo Duvall

Director of Special Programs (816) 671-4000 (W) dloduvall@sjsd.k12..

Stacia Studer

Curriculum Director (816) 671-4000 (W) staciastuder@sjsd...

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