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Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School
1789 E. Heritage Park Lane
MeridianID 83646
Phone: (208) 855-4075

Board of Education

Louis Pifher Board President
Anne Ritter Board Vice President
Pat Burton Board Member
Dr Robin Dodson Board Member
Ryan Hedrick Board Member
Dr. Luke Mortensen Board Member

School Board Meeting Dates 

: To empower our school community with integrity, knowledge, and skills through a rigorous, integrated, site-based health science curriculum.
Vision: To be the nation’s top health science public high school.
Academic: Providing an innovative broad-based curriculum that integrates the health sciences
Technical: Utilizing a practical application of scientific skills and academic knowledge beyond the classroom
Ethical: Fostering an understanding of relevant ethical issues encountered in the health science professions

                 Objectives: Students will be provided with:
          1. Concurrent credit programs
          2. Technical Certification where applicable
          3. An honors-based education that is aligned with state standards
          4. A fast-moving honors curriculum integrating the health sciences
          5. The preparation necessary for success at the post-secondary level
          6. A seamless education which connects new concepts to prior learning
          7. Learning opportunities that develop compassion, skill, and vision
          8. Relevant experiences through community service, job shadows & internships
          9. Continued community partnerships
Foundational Beliefs:
          1. The success of every student
          2. Ethics as an essential component of a health science education
          3. Serving our students, our health care partners, and our local/global community
          4. Providing students with the opportunities to gain experience within the medical/health
          5. Science field through partnerships with local health care providers
          6. Creating a safe school environment which maximizes student potential through excellence in both facilities and teaching
          7. The implementation of new approaches to education to enhance quality
          8. Supporting our staff’s ongoing professional development and recognizing the staff for their excellence and contributions
          9. Modeling integrity, mutual respect, professionalism, honesty, and responsible behavior at all levels of our organization every day
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