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Printed : 12/5/2021 6:04 AM CT
09/22/2021 07:00 PM

Kearney Administrative Office

ITEM : VII.G. Approval of Part-time Student Waiver Extention to Policy IKFAttachment Icon

Move to approve extension of waiver to Policy IKF for the 2021-2022 school year.


Last year the Academic Services department presented a request to the board to waive the policy which prohibited our Kearney High School seniors from attending school part-time for the first semester.  In light of the emotional distress many of our students have dealt with throughout the pandemic, it was beneficial to several of our students to be allowed to attend part-time if they had less than three credits to earn in order to graduate at semester. 


The waiver for Policy IKF allowed first semester, part-time status for students who had earned a minimum of three credits from the Kearney School District during their junior year and had less than three required credits remaining to qualify for graduation.  If a student chose this path, then they would be a first semester graduate and would give up their class rank and would not be a candidate for valedictorian or salutatorian. 


Unfortunately, we are still seeing many students who are dealing with anxiety and depression. With the ongoing toll which the pandemic is taking on our students, we are requesting to extend this waiver to allow students to be part-time students during the first semester.  This would be a cautious procedure and final approval of all requests would be carefully vetted and approved by Central Office (Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services). 






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IKF Policy Waiver