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Policies Listing

Welcome to the Central Community School System Online Policy Manual.

Adopted Policies from the Central Community School System Policy Manual are listed below. You can select the section of the policy you would like to view from the Table of Contents below.
A-1 School Board Legal Status P 05/13/2013
A-2 School District Legal Status P 05/13/2013
A-3 School Board Authority P 05/13/2013
A-4 Powers and Responsibilities P 05/13/2013
A-5 School Board Members Legal Status P 05/13/2013
A-5.1 Number P 05/13/2013
A-5.2 Qualifications for School Board Members P 05/13/2013
A-5.3 Term of Office P 05/13/2013
A-5.4 Unexpired Term Fulfillment P 05/13/2013
A-5.5 Removal from Office P 05/13/2013
A-5.6 Resignation P 05/13/2013
A-6 School Superintendent Legal Status P 05/13/2013
A-7 School District Organization P 05/13/2013
A-8 School Attendance Districts P 05/13/2013
A-8.1 School Census P 05/13/2013
A-9 School Year P 06/10/2013
A-9.1 School Calendar P 05/13/2013
AA-10 School Day P 05/13/2013
B-1 Philosophy, Goals & Objectives P 05/13/2013
B-2.1 Duties of School Board Members P 05/13/2013
B-3 School Board Member Continuing Education P 10/14/2013
B-4 Officers of the School Board P 05/13/2013
B-5 New Member Orientation P 05/13/2013
B-6 Bonded School Board Members P 05/13/2013
B-7 School Board Member Compensation and Expenses P 05/13/2013
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