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Policies Listing

AFC Emergency Closings P 09/15/2005
BBABA Duties of the Chair P 09/15/2005
BBABB Duties of the Vice-Chair P 09/15/2005
BCAC Special Board Meetings P 09/15/2005
BCBF Rules of Order P 09/15/2005
BCBI Public Participation in Board Meetings P 09/15/2005
BD Policy Development P 09/15/2005
BH Board Code of Ethics P 12/16/2010
BHA Board Member Conflict of Interest P 01/18/2011
BHB Nepotism P 07/18/2011
DCK Level of Budgetary Control P 09/15/2005
DCL Fund Balance P 07/18/2011
DFK Gifts and Bequests P 09/15/2005
DIB Financial Reports P 09/15/2005
DJCB Salary Deductions P 09/15/2005
DJEAC Purchasing or Credit Card Use P 09/17/2015
DO School Properties Disposal Procedures P 10/20/2008
EDC Transportation Safety P 09/15/2005
EDD Bus Scheduling and Routing P 09/15/2005
EE Food Services Management P 09/15/2005
EEE Wellness Program P 12/10/2015
EEF Competitive Foods P 12/10/2015
GAAA Equal Opportunity Employment P 09/15/2005
GAD Professional Learning Opportunities P 09/17/2015
GAE Complaints and Grievances P 10/17/2016
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