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Policies Listing

One of the primary functions of the Board of Education is to formulate policies which serve as the rules to govern the schools in Barrow County.

The adoption of Board policies takes place at two regular or special meetings of the Board in the following sequence: 

  1. Announcement and distribution of proposed new or revised policies as an item of information. 

  2. Opportunity offered to concerned groups or individuals to react to policy proposals. When a policy is "Pending" a link may be found on the home page. 

  3. Discussion and final action by the Board on policy proposals.


The final vote to adopt or not to adopt is taken at the next scheduled Board meeting subsequent to the announcement and distribution of the proposed policy.  

AFC Emergency Closings P 10/03/2000
BB Internal Organization P 03/01/2011
BB-R(1) Internal Organization R 03/01/2011
BBBA Board Member Duties P 03/01/2011
BBE School Attorney P 03/01/2011
BBFA Local School Councils P 03/01/2011
BCAB Regular Board Meetings P 03/01/2011
BCAB-R(1) Regular Board Meetings R 10/02/2012
BCAC Special Board Meetings P 03/01/2011
BCAE-R(1) Public Hearings R 03/01/2011
BCBI Public Participation in Board Meetings P 03/01/2011
BCBI-E(1) Public Participation in Board Meetings E 03/01/2011
BCBK Executive Sessions P 10/02/2012
BD Policy Development P 03/01/2011
BDF Review of Administrative Rules P 03/01/2011
BH Board Code of Ethics P 12/06/2016
BHA Board Member Conflict of Interest P 12/07/2010
BHB Nepotism P 08/02/2011
DCB Fiscal Year P 07/06/1976
DCC Budget Preparation Procedures P 03/01/2011
DCE Budget Final Adoption Procedures P 08/03/2004
DCL Fund Balance P 09/06/2011
DFA Local Tax Revenues P 07/06/1976
DFC Federal Funds P 07/14/2016
DFE Short Term Notes P 11/07/1989
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