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Policies Listing

ABB Board Powers and Duties P 09/06/2016
BBA Board Officers P 09/06/2016
BBBA Board Member Duties P 09/08/2014
BBBB New Member Orientation P 09/06/2016
BBBC Board Member Development Opportunities P 09/06/2016
BBBE Board Member Compensation and Expenses P 07/29/2013
BBD Board-School Superintendent Relations P 09/08/2014
BBFA Local School Councils P 07/29/2013
BBI Board-Staff Relations P 07/29/2013
BC Board Meetings P 07/29/2013
BCAC Special Board Meetings P 07/29/2013
BCBD Board Meeting Agendas P 09/10/2012
BCBE Distribution of Materials P 09/08/2014
BCBI Public Participation in Board Meetings P 09/06/2016
BD Policy Development P 03/07/2011
BH Board Code of Ethics P 09/06/2016
BHA Board Member Conflict of Interest P 09/08/2014
CD Line and Staff Relations P 08/04/2014
DCK Level of Budgetary Control P 04/12/2011
DCL Fund Balance P 10/03/2016
DFC Federal Funds P 10/03/2016
DFK Gifts and Bequests P 09/08/2014
DH Bonded Employees P 10/05/2015
DI Accounting and Reporting P 09/08/2014
DIE Fraud Prevention P 10/03/2016
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