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Policies Listing

The Haralson County Board reviews all policies on a yearly basis.
AFC Emergency Closings P 03/03/2015
BBA Board Officers P 05/14/2013
BBD Board-School Superintendent Relations P 05/14/2013
BCAC Special Board Meetings P 05/14/2013
BCBI Public Participation in Board Meetings P 05/14/2013
BD Policy Development P 05/14/2013
BH Board Code of Ethics P 05/14/2013
BHA-E(1) Board Member Conflict of Interest - Provisions E 02/01/2011
BHA-E(2) Board Member Conflict of Interest - Resolution E 02/01/2011
DC Annual Operating Budget P 05/08/2006
DCL Fund Balance P 06/09/2012
DFE Short Term Notes P 06/19/2012
DFK Gifts and Bequests P 06/19/2012
DG Depository of Funds P 09/06/2012
DIB Financial Reports P 05/13/2014
DIE-R(1) Fraud Prevention R 05/20/2013
DJA Checking Accounts P 09/06/2012
DJCB Salary Deductions P 05/08/2006
DJED Bids and Quotations P 10/12/2014
DJEG Purchase Orders and Contracts P 06/08/2009
DK Student Activities Funds Management P 09/06/2012
DO School Properties Disposal Procedures P 05/08/2006
EBBD Emergency Closings P 10/04/2012
EDAE Private Vehicles P 10/04/2012
EDC Transportation Safety P 10/04/2012
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