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Policies Listing

The adoption of new polices and the amending of existing policies is the sole responsibility of the Madison County Board of Education.  All policies conform to local, state and federal laws as well as to the policies of the GDOE. 

A new or amended policy will be presented to the Board of Education during a regular board meeting.  These new or revised policies will be reviewed by the board and made available to the public for the next 30 days.  During the next regular board meeting, the Superintendent will discuss any input received over the previous 30 days regarding the policy.  At that time, the Board will vote to approve or deny the policy.  
ABCD Board Member Method of Election P 11/13/1973
AE School Year P 10/13/2009
AEA School Calendar P 04/21/1998
AEAB School Holidays P 09/18/2001
AF School Day P 09/18/2001
AFC-R Emergency Closings R 09/18/2001
BBA Board Officers P 11/13/1973
BBBE Board Member Compensation and Expenses P 10/11/2016
BBD Board-School Superintendent Relations P 07/17/2001
BBE School Attorney P 09/18/2001
BBFB Governance Teams P 11/13/2012
BCBA Board Meeting Time and Place P 02/08/2011
BCBI Public Participation in Board Meetings P 06/14/2005
BCBJ Board Meeting News Coverage P 03/14/2006
BD Policy Development P 08/09/2011
BH Board Code of Ethics P 12/14/2010
BHA Board Member Conflict of Interest P 02/08/2011
BHB Nepotism P 06/30/2011
CCA-E(1) District Organization Charts E 07/17/2001
CF Board-School Superintendent Relations P 07/17/2001
CGD Administrative Personnel Hiring P 11/13/1973
CGI Administrative Personnel Evaluation P 07/17/2001
CGK Administrative Personnel Tenure P 07/17/2001
CGPH Administrative Personnel Vacations P 06/09/2009
DC Annual Operating Budget P 07/17/2001
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