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Policies Listing

The Rockdale County Board of Education sets the policies of the system based on the mission and objectives of the school district. The Superintendent and staff develop administrative regulations or procedures for the implementation of these policies.

To find a policy or determine if a policy or regulation exists, access one of the sections below and scroll through each index looking for your topic matter; or click on the search icon in the top right corner to search by keyword.
AA School District Legal Status P 10/22/2015
ABB Board Powers and Duties P 10/22/2015
ABC Board Member Legal Status P 10/22/2015
ABCA Number of Board Members P 10/22/2015
ABCB Board Member Qualifications P 10/22/2015
ABCD Board Member Method of Election P 10/22/2015
ABCDA Board Member Un-Expired Term Fulfillment P 10/22/2015
ABCE Board Member Resignation P 10/22/2015
ABCF Board Member Removal from Office P 10/22/2015
ABD School Superintendent Legal Status P 10/22/2015
AD School Attendance Areas P 10/22/2015
AEA School Calendar P 10/22/2015
AEA-E(1) School Calendar - 2016-2017 E 07/01/2016
AEAB School Holidays P 10/22/2015
AEB Extended School Year P 10/22/2015
AF School Day P 10/22/2015
AF-R School Day R 10/22/2015
AFC Emergency Closings P 10/22/2015
AFC-R Emergency Closings R 10/22/2015
BA Goals and Objectives P 10/22/2015
BBA Board Officers P 10/22/2015
BBBB New Member Orientation P 10/22/2015
BBBD Bonded Members P 10/22/2015
BBBE Board Member Compensation and Expenses P 10/22/2015
BBBE-R Board Member Compensation and Expenses R 10/22/2015
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