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Policies Listing

We have two draft policies for public comment...

AA School District Legal Status P 12/01/2016
AA-R(1) School District Legal Status R 05/15/2016
ABA Board Authority P 10/30/2015
ABA-E(1) Board Authority E
ABCE Board Member Resignation P 01/04/2017
ABD School Superintendent Legal Status P 08/06/2015
AD School Attendance Areas P 03/01/2015
AE School Year P 05/15/2015
AEAB-E(1) School Holidays E
AEB-R(1) Extended School Year R 12/02/2015
AF School Day P 11/25/2016
AFC Emergency Closings P 04/19/2013
AFC-R(1) Emergency Closings R 05/26/2015
BA Goals and Objectives P 09/01/2014
BBF Advisory Committees P 08/04/2015
BCAB Regular Board Meetings P 10/06/2015
BCAC Special Board Meetings P 08/31/2004
BCBI Public Participation in Board Meetings P 08/04/2014
BCBK-R(0) Executive Sessions R 10/04/2015
BDC Policy Adoption P 12/16/2012
BDE Policy Review P 12/16/2002
BE School Board Records P 12/16/2002
BH Board Code of Ethics P 12/16/2012
BH-R(1) Board Code of Ethics R 05/05/2015
BHA Board Member Conflict of Interest P 12/16/2012
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