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Board of Education

Our Vision

To create 21st century learning environments that offer opportunities for all students to pursue higher education and develop skills that meet workforce needs while producing informed, conscientious and productive citizens who give back to their community.

Our Mission

The Glynn County School System will ensure that all decisions are made in the best interests of its students through the adoption of policies and the adherence to responsible business and financial practices that are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and State Board rules.  Our schools will be safe places for learning, innovative and creative teaching, and meaningful assessment.  The school system will provide diverse academic environments and extracurricular activities through leading edge facilities and technology.

Shared Vision Statement

Working together to make Brunswick and the Golden Isles an exceptional place in Georgia to live, work and visit by strengthening our communities and enhancing the quality of life.

Board Meetings

The Board of Education typically meets at 6 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Meetings are held in the Board Room of the Administration Building at 1313 Egmont Street in Brunswick. Meetings are televised live on Comcast Cable channel 99.  To view the 2017 Board of Education meeting schedule, click HERE.

During the meetings, an open session is conducted to hear from individuals who reside within the jurisdiction of the school system. Individuals may sign in to address the board for up to five minutes on any topic except for personnel and legal matters. The Board of Education urges citizens to send questions to the superintendent prior to the public meetings. This allows time for research and preparation of complete answers. Board members are better prepared to answer questions regarding policy, finance and philosophy than individual questions about a teacher-student relationship or issue.

Parents should attempt to resolve issues at the school level first by speaking directly to the child’s teacher, then to the school principal. Issues that cannot be resolved at the school level should then be brought to the superintendent.

2017 Board of Education Officers

Mike Hulsey, Chair
Jerry Mancil, Vice Chair

2017 Committees

Facilities Committee: Millard Allen
              Finance Committee:  Jerry Mancil
Policy Committee:  John Madala

Millard Allen

Board Member

(912) 634-1410 (H)
District 2
Linda D. Bobbitt

Board Member
(912) 270-0010 (W)

District 5
Marcus Edgy

Board Member

(912) 258-3659 (H)
District 1
Mike Hulsey

(912) 399-0140 (W)
(912) 466-0369 (H)
At Large Post 1
John Madala

Board Member

(912) 261-0317 (H)
District 3
Jerry Mancil

Vice Chair
(912) 280-0352 (W)
(912) 265-9433 (H)
At Large Post 2
Dr. Hank Yeargan

Board Member
912-617-1451 (W)

District 4
Howard Mann

912-267-4100 x 1304 (W)

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