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Descriptor Code: 656
Students Fees  
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The Board of Education recognizes that financial support for equal opportunities for all students is the responsibility of all citizens of our district. However, in an effort to partially offset costs to the entire community, it shall be the policy of the Board that all students shall be assessed registration fees. In addition, a participation fee will be required of students participating in certain extracurricular and supplementary programs. Student fees will be maintained at reasonable levels, and these fees will not be expected to fund the major portion of program costs. Certain fees may be adjusted or waived in accordance with Wisconsin State Statutes or Oconomowoc Area School District administrative regulations.

Determination of fees charged to students will be based on the following primary considerations: the relationship of the activity to the mission of the district; alternatives available within the community to participate in the same or a similar activity; whether consumable materials are provided or equipment is rented as part of the activity; and whether the enrollment and attendance of the student falls within the provisions of the state aid program. NOTE: State aids are paid for qualified resident students between the ages of 3 and 21.

Primary responsibility for timely collection of student fees rests with the individual school offices. The District Business Office will pursue uncollected accounts once efforts at the building level have been completed.

The Superintendent of Schools will formulate the fee schedule and review it annually with the Board. The Superintendent is directed to establish administrative regulations for implementing this policy.

LEGAL REF:             Wisconsin Statutes, Sections 118.03 (2) – Textbooks 
                                                                    118.4 – Summer School 
                                                                    120.12 (11) – Provisions for Indigent Children 
                                                                    120.13 (10) – Meals 
                                                                    120.13 (13) – Pre-K Classes 
                                                                    121.14 – Course Fees Not Permissible

Final Approval
Regular Board Meeting of
April 18, 1989

Reviewed, Revised and Approved
Regular Board Meeting of
August 16, 2005


Oconomowoc Area School District
Original Adopted Date:  4/18/1989
Last Revised:  6/17/2014
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