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The Board of Education meeting will be held on September 20, 2023 at the Middle/High School Library.  The meeting will start at 6:30 PM, at which time a motion will be made to enter into executive session. The regular meeting will begin at 7:00 PM.

Sullivan West Central School District
P.O. Box 308
33 Schoolhouse Road
JeffersonvilleNY 12748
Phone: (845) 482-4610
Fax: (845) 482-3022


Welcome to Sullivan West Central Schools District's Board of Education Website

Meeting agendas and minutes can be found under the "Meetings" menu at the top of the page. Click on the “meetings list” where you will find a list of current school year meetings and minutes.  Once you open the meeting you can click on each item to review any attachments and to see the resolution.

Please contact Christina Kautz with questions about this site, meeting agendas or meeting minutes. Mrs. Kautz can be reached at 845-482-4610 x3000 or

Please email questions for the Board of Education to Mrs. Kautz. 

Board of Education Meetings
Regular meetings are normally held on the 3rd Thursday of the month.  If a forum or a budget workshop is to be held, that will begin at 6:30 PM with the regular Board of Education portion of the meeting starting at 7:00 PM.  All meetings are at the SW Middle/High School in Lake Huntington.

Aug. 17      Board of Ed Meeting 7:00 PM

Sept. 20     Board of Ed Meeting 7:00 PM

Oct. 19       Board of Ed Meeting 7:00 PM

Nov. 16      Board of Ed Meeting 7:00 PM

Dec. 14      Board of Ed Meeting 7:00 PM

Jan. 18       Board of Ed Meeting 7:00 PM

Feb. 15       Board of Ed Meeting 7:00 PM

March 21    Board of Ed Meeting 7:00 PM

April 16      Board of Ed Meeting 7:00 PM
ote on BOCES Budget 7:00 PM 

May 22           Board of Ed Meeting 7:00 PM 

June 13     Board of Ed Meeting 7:00 PM 

Board of Education Committee Meetings

The Sullivan West Board of Education has formed the following committees, below are the committee members along with the date and times they meet, the Board President is an ex officio member of all the committees: 
Committee Members Dates - Check the District Calendar to confirm times (
Audit & Finance Meckle, Halloran, Rose Mondays, 5:15 PM
10/2; 10/30; 1/29; 3/4; 4/9; 4/29; 6/10
Policy Rutledge, Ellmauer, Rose Mondays, 6:00 PM
10/2; 10/30; 1/29; 3/4; 4/9; 4/29; 6/10
Strategic Planning Nystrom, Halloran, Meckle, Rutledge Tuesdays, 5:15 PM
9/19; 1/16; 5/14
Negotiations Sigelakis, Kitson, Nystrom, Ellmauer Tuesdays, 6:00 PM
10/17; 11/14; 12/12; 1/16; 3/19; 5/14
Public Relations  Sigelakis, Rutledge, Chellis Thursdays, 5:15 PM
9/14; 10/5; 3/7; 5/2
Facilities Needs Chellis, Kitson, Ellmauer, Sigelakis Thursdays, 6:00 PM
9/14; 10/5; 11/2; 12/7; 1/11; 2/1; 3/7; 4/11; 5/2; 6/6

The Public is welcome to attend and observe these meetings. Please call Mrs. Kautz for specific location of the meetings.

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