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Camden County Schools
311 South East Street
KingslandGA 31548
Phone: 912.729.5687

Board of Education

Mr. Jonathon Blount Mr. Jonathon Blount
Title: Chairman
Work phone:
Home phone:
Mr. James W. Coffel Mr. James W. Coffel
Title: Vice Chairman
Work phone:
Home phone:
Vice Chairman
Mr. Jason Chance Mr. Jason Chance
Title: Board Member
Work phone:
Home phone:
Board Member
Mr. Mark Giddens Mr. Mark Giddens
Title: Board Member
Work phone:
Home phone:
Board Member
Ms. Allison Murray Ms. Allison Murray
Title: Board Member
Work phone:
Home phone:
Board Member
Dr. Tracolya L Green Dr. Tracolya L Green
Title: Superintendent
Work phone:
Home phone:
Board Members

Camden County Schools Board of Education Meetings are held at the Central Administrative Offices, 311 South East Street, Kingsland, in Conference Room 132-133.

DATE                             MEETING                                                                         TIME

07/11/23                    BOE Work Session & Meeting                             6:00 PM
07/12/23                    BOE Called Meeting - Admin. Workshop      9:30 AM

08/03/23                    BOE Work Session                                                      6:00 PM

08/08/23                    BOE Meeting                                                                  6:00 PM
09/07/23                    BOE Work Session                                                      6:00 PM
09/12/23                    BOE Meeting                                                                  6:00 PM
10/05/23                    BOE Work Session                                                      6:00 PM
10/10/23                    BOE Meeting                                                                  6:00 PM
11/09/23                    BOE Work Session                                                      6:00 PM
11/14/23                    BOE Meeting                                                                  6:00 PM
12/12/23                    BOE Work Session & Meeting                             6:00 PM        
01/04/24                    BOE Work Session                                                      6:00 PM
01/16/24                    BOE Meeting                                                                  6:00 PM
02/08/24                    BOE Work Session                                                      6:00 PM
02/13/24                    BOE Meeting                                                                  6:00 PM
03/07/24                    BOE Work Session                                                      6:00 PM
03/12/24                    BOE Meeting                                                                  6:00 PM
04/09/24                    BOE Work Session & Meeting                             6:00 PM
05/09/24                    BOE Work Session                                                      6:00 PM

                     BOE Meeting                                                                  6:00 PM
06/11/24                    BOE Work Session & Meeting                             6:00 PM

The Board of Education has established a practice that permits citizens to address the Board on a variety of topics of general concern to the operation of our schools.
We welcome visitors to board meetings and are interested in hearing from the residents of the district, taxpayers, parents and staff. The Board does include a section on the agenda for public participation to hear public comments.
Please remember that regular board meetings are to conduct official business of the Board. They are not meetings with the public.
Anyone wishing to address the Board is asked to abide by a few simple rules:

- Each person must sign up by 10:00 am the day of the BOE Meeting using this link.  Meeting dates are shown below. 

- Each person is limited to five (5) minutes. 

- The Board Chair reserves the option of shortening the time of participants or rescheduling others for the next meeting.

- Each person must refrain from obscenity, profanity, threats of physical harm, or loud and boisterous behavior.

- Any stakeholder who needs to discuss a matter involving a specific employee or student must address the issue with a   
Office administrator, then the superintendent prior to the board meeting.

- If a group wishes to address the Board, select one person to address the Board on behalf of the group.

- Silence all cell phones.

The Board will not respond to public comments during the meeting but will consider any issue raised and ask the Superintendent to respond when appropriate either verbally or in writing.

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