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Schley County Schools
161 Perry Drive
P.O. Box 66
EllavilleGA 31806
Phone: 229.937.2405
Fax: 229.937.5180

Board of Education

Clifton L. Aldridge Sr. Board Member
LeAndra Lumpkin Board Member
Jim Sellars Board Member
Stephanie Holloway Board Member
Kelly Morrow Board Member
Brian Hall Superintendent

Mission, Vision, Beliefs for Schley County Schools

The question is not whether we are a good school system, but rather, are we the best school system we can be?

Mission: The mission of Schley County Schools is to develop productive, responsible young adults that accept nothing but excellence.

 Vision: Schley County Schools will be known for committed stakeholders who nurture and inspire excellence in all facets of students’ lives.  


1. All students can and must learn.

2. Team success is more important than individual wins.

3. Relationships are the core work of education and life.

4. Children need to understand the relevance of education and how learning impacts their lives.

5. Students should have shared decision-making in regards to their learning.

6. Knowledge is not a destination; it is a never-ending journey.

7. The main purpose of education is to develop students’ ability to think critically and integrate ideas, not just accumulate facts.

8. Meaning is constructed, not prescribed.

9. Students learn best when they are actively engaged.

10. Success breeds success. Falling down is ok; staying down is not.

11. Communication is the key to trust, and trust is essential for success.

12. Students need the opportunity for real-life experiences to cement academic learning.

13. True learning does not occur in isolation; it takes place everywhere and all the time.

14. Work ethic and grit are essential components to excellence

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