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D. Fiscal Management

Rule Number  TitlePolicy CodeEffective DateAdopted Date
160-5-1-.29Minimum Direct Classroom ExpendituresDJ3/5/20082/14/2008
160-5-2-.02Withholding of Funds From Local Units of AdministrationDFBA10/2/20029/12/2002
160-5-2-.06Residential Facility GrantDFF3/5/20082/14/2008
160-5-2-.21Annual Financial and Budget ReportsDIB5/25/20165/5/2016
160-5-2-.23Financial Management for Georgia Local Units of AdministrationDIA3/29/19953/9/1995
160-5-3-.11Standard Cost DevevopmentDFB5/31/20115/11/2011
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