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Rule Number:160-4-8-.08
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(a) Career education - a learning process that increases career awareness, provides career
exploration, and appropriate educational planning, thereby enabling students and their
parents/guardians to make informed decisions about post-high school educational
opportunities and career choices.


(a) The local school system shall provide opportunities for students to:

1. Learn how interests, aptitudes, and abilities are related to career and educational

2. Understand the relationship between learning acquired in school and learning needed
for future careers.

3. Develop a work ethic and appreciation for the dignity of all work.

4. Understand the economic concepts of becoming a producer and contributor to society.

5. Develop a program of study by no later than ninth grade.

(b) The local school system shall involve parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and
community resources in the career education process by:

1. Using career-oriented content and learning-by-doing activities in the curriculum as a
means to motivate and enhance student achievement.

2. Implementing guidance activities that encourage individual responsibility for career
awareness and a broadening of perceived career choices.

3. Providing opportunities for broadening career options through such activities as career
exploration, school-managed volunteer and work-based learning programs.

4. Relating the fine, practical, and liberal arts to work and other life roles and values.

5. Providing students with current, accurate career and educational planning information
about future career possibilities for use in educational planning.

6. Integrating skills and attitudes needed for continued learning, career decision making,
planning, career preparation, and career success.

7. Involving home, community, business, and industry as resources for learning about
work and careers.

(c) Each school containing grades 9-12 shall provide annual student advisement sessions
to review programs of study and offer alternatives toward satisfying graduation
requirements and updating career objectives.


Georgia Department Of Education
Adopted Date:  5/13/1999
Effective Date:  6/9/1999

NOTE: The State of Georgia has moved the Georgia Code. This new environment no longer allows us to link directly to the Georgia Code. For example enter 20-02-0211 in the search window and the Georgia Code will appear.
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