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Strategic Plan


We believe that:


  • All people have the right to be safe.
  • God gives meaning and purpose to life.
  • Honest, respectful communication is the essence of community.
  • Every person has equal intrinsic value.
  • Every person can learn.
  • Each individual's unique gifts strengthen the community.
  • Education is vital to a successful life.
  • Excellence demands sacrifice.
  • Every person bears responsibility for the well being of the community.
  • Each person is entitled to respect and dignity.



The mission of the Vestavia Hills City School System, a community renowned for celebrating life-long learning, is to ensure that each student has the knowledge, character, and self-worth to fulfill his or her unique gifts and achieve personal aspirations while contributing in society, through a system distinguished by:



  • Nurturing faculty and staff
  • Respect for our traditions and values
  • Rich and varied learning experiences
  • Physically safe and emotionally secure learning environments
  • Exceptional community partnerships 



  • 100% of the Vestavia Hills City School students score in the top 5% in national assessments, graduate, and pursue post secondary education of their choice.
  • 100% of students value participation in community service.
  • 100% of students identify and cultivate their unique individual gifts.
  • 100% of students achieve their personal goals and aspirations.


Strategy 1
We will redefine learning by developing and implementing challenging curricula that trancend state and national standards.

Strategy 2
We will give each student progressive, individualized direction and support to attain personal goals and aspirations.

Strategy 3
We will provide an array of learning experiences that are responsive to the goals, aspirations and gifts of all students.

Strategy 4
We will create an environment in which all faculty, staff, and students honor, perpetuate and build upon our traditions of excellence and community.

Strategy 5
We will ensure a superior, highly motivated, compassionate faculty and staff.

Strategy 6
We will provide learning environments that are physically safe and emotionally secure for all students, faculty, and staff.

Strategy 7
We will ensure each student engages in beneficial community service throughout their education.

Strategy 8
We will acquire and ensure best use of all resources to accomplish our mission and objectives.

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